Welcome to ABSOLUTE 360 Clothing & Apparel, the UK’s leading supplier of far infrared performance clothing and orthopaedic supports. We specialise in the field of far infrared emitting clothing and apparel, helping our customers achieve their goals, whatever they are!


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At ABSOLUTE 360 we believe in dedicating our lives to the development of products that offer everyone an improved physical and physiological state of well-being. So whatever your chosen activity may be - a stroll by the sea, cycling to work or the demands of competitive sport - we have a product for you.

Wear ABSOLUTE 360 during any physical activity for more power and endurance, as a recovery aid after exercise, when recovering from injury, or every day for improved well-being and as part of a healthy life style.

All ABSOLUTE 360 products are fully developed, designed and made in Italy from start to finish. The products are the result of Italian experience, craft and sartorial skills.

All the yarns, materials and technologies used in making ABSOLUTE 360 products have been chosen and tested with the greatest care.

Thanks to the care, manufacturing processes and finish, each garment is hard wearing and comfortable to wear, like a second skin!

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